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alexis martin ostéopathe clinique axiome

Alexis Martin

Co-founder of Axiome Osteopathy - DO Osteopath and Posturologist

Alexis Martin offers a complete and innovative approach. Committed to providing the best care, he continuously trains to stay at the forefront of his field.

Osteopathy, emergencies, women’s health, maternity, babies, pediatrics, posturology, sports, and neuro-motor development.

clavel thomas axiome

Thomas Clavel

DO Osteopath - Posturologist - Manager of Montreal Rosemont

Sessions that integrate multiple approaches complementary to osteopathy to respond accurately and effectively to your consultation reason.

Osteopathy, emergencies, sports, maternity, babies, and pediatrics.

sophie bacot axiome ostéopathie

Sophie Bacot

DO Osteopath

Sophie offers a therapeutic approach that considers your history for caring and lasting benefits.

Osteopathy, gynecological sphere, fertility, and perinatality.

Nicolas Bougault Ostéopathe Axiome ostéopathie

Nicolas Bougault

DO Osteopath

Nicolas, in osteopathy, favors the therapeutic alliance, individualized approach, and patient education. Together, they aim for harmonious and lasting healing.

Osteopathy and emergencies.

Axiome Ostéopathie Terrebonne. Clémence Hirtz

Clémence Hirtz

DO Osteopath

Clémence in her practice prioritizes listening, empathy without forgetting the rigor she shows in her care, always with a smile.

Osteopathy and emergencies.

greg lapalud osteopath in cochrane alberta

Greg Lapalud

Osteopath D.O.M.P

Greg’s practice is based on a variety of techniques. It is gentle and comprehensive, focusing on long-term work and long-term physical and mental balance, as well as preventing functional disorders at all stages of life.

Osteopathy, emergencies, men’s health, maternity, baby, pediatrics, athletes.

julia duplessy ostéopathe clinique axiome

Julia Duplessy

Co-founder of Axiome Osteopathy - DO Osteopath

Passionate about the sphere of perinatality and early childhood, Julia Duplessy made it the heart of her activity long before becoming a mother herself.

Osteopathy, emergencies, women’s health, maternity, babies, and pediatrics.

Antoine Baudin

DO Osteopath

Concrete solutions and support in establishing new routines.

Osteopathy, emergencies, and sports.

haris akkus ostéopathe

Haris Akkus

DO Osteopath

Consultations during which Haris always takes the time to explain what he does and why.

Osteopathy and emergencies.

charlotte delande ostéopathe axiome

Charlotte Delande

DO Osteopath

For Charlotte, listening is essential at two levels: listening to the body, the silent part of the examination that only requires osteopathic hands, and listening to your pains and their context.

Osteopathy, emergencies, maternity, baby, pediatrics, and sports.

Théophile offers a global approach that takes into account both physical and emotional information to restore overall balance.

Osteopathy, emergencies, maternity, baby, pediatrics, and sports.

Her osteopathic approach is defined by attentive listening to individual needs, constant search for efficiency, and a practice guided by kindness. Since the beginning of her career, she has followed the path of osteopathy out of vocation, seeking to dedicate herself to the health and well-being of others.

Osteopathy, maternity, baby, pediatrics, sports, and emergencies.

Magali Lefévère

Osteopath D.O.M.P

Magali value both auditory listening, which involves carefully hearing and understanding her patients’ concerns and symptoms, and palpatory listening, where she attentively feel and respond to the body’s needs.

Osteopathy, emergencies, men’s health, maternity, baby, pediatrics, athletes.

charlotte coulot axiome

Charlotte Coulot

DO Osteopath - Manager of Terrebonne

Consultations that also address the specific needs of people usually ‘forgotten’ by the current system.

Osteopathy, emergencies, women’s health, maternity, babies, pediatrics, and neuromotor development.

propose audrey axiome

Audrey Propose

DO Osteopath

An approach that considers all factors of pathologies, whether psychological, social, or biological.

Osteopathy, emergencies, and sports.

marion brugger ostéopathe

Marion Brugger

DO Osteopath

Marion offers support that respects your choices and limits, while being attentive and caring.

Osteopathy, emergencies, maternity, babies, pediatrics.

olivier castang ostéopathe

Olivier Castang

DO Osteopath - Manager of Laval

For Olivier, it is essential to always propose a solution adapted to your situation.

Osteopathy, maternity, babies, pediatrics, sports, and emergencies

Benjamin Guillot

DO Osteopath

His diverse practical experience allows him to treat a wide variety of health problems, thus reinforcing his reputation as an osteopathy expert.

Osteopathy, maternity, babies, pediatrics, sports, and emergencies.

Thomas Adam

DO Osteopath

For Thomas, it is above all rigor, empathetic listening, and a thirst for knowledge that represent the foundations of his osteopathic practice.

Osteopathy, maternity, pediatrics, sports, and emergencies.

The services offered within the Axiome clinics


A comprehensive approach, tailored to each individual.

Emergency osteopathy

An appointment on the same day for all your urgent requests.

Women’s Health

Gynecological disorders, hormonal issues, fertility, digestive system, etc.


Pregnancy, preparation for childbirth, post-partum, breastfeeding, etc.


Birth, sleep and crying, skull deformations, GERD, digestive disorders, etc.


Digestive disorders, ADHD, ENT issues, dental appliances, etc.


(Re)find balance


Supporting you towards performance

Neuromotor development

(Re)integrating primitive reflexes

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My first time consulting with a posturologist.

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Very good clinic, I recommend it.

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Great place to get your back realigned. The service is very fast and effective. Very good clinic, I recommend it.

Marie POn Google

Great listening to our issues, quality care, an efficient team. The clinic is definitely worth the trip, whether in Terrebonne or Montreal!

Jo MaisonneuveOn Google

Super good service, excellent care, my family and I have seen several of the clinic's professionals and we are very satisfied.

Elisabeth LadouceurOn Google

A great team of attentive and competent people! I recommend them to everyone!

Sarah ZiganOn Google

The best osteopath! He finally found what was causing me pain. I recommend him!!

Charlotte MommatonOn Google

I have made several appointments at the Axiome clinic and I am very satisfied with the care and the attention. I recommend it!

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